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Why do we exist?

The appalling cost in human lives to domestic and family violence is a national tragedy of crisis proportions.

The Red Rose Foundation addresses the factors surrounding domestic and family violence deaths including homicide, suicide and accidental deaths. We know from research that the majority of domestic and family violence related deaths are preventable. We can and must Change The Ending.


The Domestic Violence Death Review Action Group (DVDRAG) was established in Queensland in 2004 to campaign for the establishment of a Domestic Violence Death Review Board in Queensland.

Since then the group has continued to record, highlight and raise public awareness to the tragic toll of domestic violence deaths. Since 2004, there have been 254 known homicides related to domestic/family violence. The number of suicides, suspicious domestic violence related deaths, deaths from long terms injuries and missing women remain unknown. DVDRAG strived for and has now seen the establishment of a Domestic Violence Death Review Board in Queensland as well as legislative changes to address non-lethal strangulation. A public Red Rose Rally has been held following every domestic violence related death since 2008. The Queensland Domestic Violence Death Review Action Group (DVDRAG) has established the national Red Rose Foundation to expand and connect the work undertaken by the group to promote the prevention of domestic violence related deaths. Domestic violence related homicides are often referred to as the most preventable of all homicides and there is much to be done to stop such deaths from occurring.

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