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Bianca Faith Girven

21/12/1987 – 31/3/2010
A little ray of sunshine, Bianca Faith Girven came into the world on 21st December 1987. Quirky, creative, funny, entertaining, a traveller, compassionate, a helper of young woman subjected to violence and homelessness, and most importantly, mother. Died at the hands of her then partner, 30/31 March 2010.

Leanne Thompson

4/2/1991 – 7/9/2006
Leanne was born on the 4th February 1991 and was a bright and bubbly girl with a high IQ and very athletic. She did dance, tennis lessons, netball, water polo and rowing. Leanne was also very artistic, always drawing and painting. She had been a Joey and Cub Scout and adored babies and kids of all ages. She was very popular and had unlimited potential. Unfortunately, Leanne met a much older, abusive man and passed away on the 7th September 2006.

Tara Brown

In loving memory of Tara Brown

Shelsea Schilling

In loving memory of Shelsea Schilling

Sherelle Locke

In loving memory of Sherelle Locke