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The Red Rose Foundation works to eliminate domestic / family violence related deaths by:

  • Monitoring the outcomes and recommendations of all Domestic Violence Death Review Boards across Australia to ensure responses to domestic violence protect potential victims and are as safe as possible.


Highlighting the deaths of victims of domestic violence through:

  • Organising Red Rose rallies to honour and remember those killed.

  • Engaging with families of those killed to offer support or referral where possible.

  • Engaging with and informing the media about domestic violence related deaths.

  • Ensuring survivors and families have a voice within Red Rose Foundation including speaking with media.

  • Establishing partnerships with government and community agencies to advocate, inform and enhance understanding of the reasons, nature and pattern of lethal domestic violence.

  • Developing research partnerships for the purpose of participating in research opportunities that build knowledge of and develop strategies to reduce domestic violence homicide.

  • Undertaking public education, community activities and events to provide awareness and training on the factors surrounding lethal domestic violence.

  • Undertaking fundraising activities to support the work of the Foundation

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