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Building professional's capacity

Red Rose Foundation is a lead training provider in the areas of violence against women and children and responding to the needs of survivors of high-risk violence and abuse. Our training sessions share our practice wisdom and offer practical strategies to support the safety and healing of survivors, combined with the delivery of contemporary research to shape best practice responses.


Our trainers have delivered to thousands of professionals across Australia who work within the domestic and family violence, sexual assault, child protection, medical, legal, education and mental health sectors. We offer a range of training options, all of which can be tailored to suit your ogranisational and team needs. Our training sessions promote practice that is safety-focussed, client-centred, trauma informed and socially just.

Participants of a training course

Red Rose Foundation offers a number of live training sessions to enhance professional practice within the areas of community services, health, and justice as well as cross-sector opportunities to support the safety of women and children. 

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Online Courses


Red Rose Foundation will offer self-paced online courses for professionals wanting to upskill. All courses provide a certificate of completion.

Training Report

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